CVCC Potters’ Workshop Offers Fall Classes

Ideas are shared, creativity flows, and a low faculty-to-student ratio, all contribute to the unique learning environment found at the Catawba Valley Community College Potters’ Workshop. From using local NC clays to advanced firing and kiln technology, each class is a dynamic balance of traditional and contemporary methodology. The Potters’ Workshop has a class for every skill and interest level, from those who have never touched a ball of clay to the experienced artisan.
 Registration is currently open for the next 9-week session of pottery classes which begin October 21. The program’s core classes continue to be popular, and enable students to focus on developing skills using either the potter’s wheel or handbuilding methods. Every class is taught in a workshop format where students will learn to create basic to complex forms, apply glazes, and the proper procedures for loading and firing a kiln.
In addition, the Workshop has added two new exciting classes. Handbuilding Pottery for the Table taught by Shelly Johnston, gives students the opportunity to focus on a specific flatware project, including: dinnerware set, tea set, salad bowl set or a collection of serving trays. 
 Zen and Catawba Valley Pottery taught by Preston Tolbert, teaches students how to construct warm, graceful pottery forms by applying the same principles and methods used in Catawba Valley Pottery and inspired by Zen philosophy.
 The Catawba Valley Community College’s Potters’ Workshop seeks to promote the understanding, appreciation and continuation of Catawba Valley pottery. The goal is to combine contemporary aesthetic with the time-honored methods and materials of our local pottery tradition.
 Each course meets one night per week from 6-9 pm. Each session is nine weeks long and cost $166.25 which also includes the cost of materials. For more information about the Potters’ Workshop contact Wendy Gem at 828-327-7000 x-4032 or; to view the entire schedule or register online, visit To register by telephone, contact Cheri Toney at 828-327-7037 or email at
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