important information regarding the communication of inclement weather closing announcements to the CVCC community

  • Decisions regarding morning operations and classes for a given day will be made no later than 6:00 a.m. on that day (earlier if possible) and communicated immediately. Decisions will be communicated as follows:
    · By e-mail to CVCC-All (your CVCC e-mail account)
    · By phone message on the automated phone attendant (dial 828-327-7000 and press 2 when the welcome message begins – the welcome message does indicate to press 2 for inclement weather closing information)
    · By announcement on the CVCC main web page ( – there is a link titled “Inclement Weather” on this main page)
    · By message on CVCC Facebook page
    · By CVCC Twitter feed (if you have subscribed to this service)
    · By text and/or voice message to phones of those who have elected CVCC messaging services
  • We do not plan to utilize the radio or TV stations this year since our message options through them are quite limited and there is a higher chance of inaccurate information via this method.Decisions regarding afternoon and/or evening operations and classes will be made and communicated on a timely basis later in the day if not made and communicated simultaneously with the morning operation/class decision.If you would like to subscribe to the text messaging and/or voice message service, visit:
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