CBCC: Need for Blood Now Critical

Winter Storm Pax has prohibited CBCC from collecting more than 700 units of blood for two full days and has caused historic challenges and blood shortages for blood centers from Alabama to New England.

“A significant portion of Americans have been unable to donate lifesaving blood due to this severe winter storm, resulting in critically low inventories,” said Martin Grable, president and CEO of CBCC. “This is an unprecedented situation and we need our local donors to help reverse the devastating effects of this storm by giving blood—patients in our communities desperately need the blood right now.”

The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas’ 22 regional hospital partners rely on CBCC and its donors regularly for life-saving blood. In one case this week, CBCC was informed from one local hospital about a neonatal patient who is requiring a significant amount of O Negative blood. This newborn baby is currently undergoing ECMO treatment and the O Negative blood is essential in this procedure.

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or ECMO utilizes a machine that will function as this baby’s heart and lungs until they are strong enough to function on their own; sometimes this is days or weeks. CBCC needs the help of O Negative donors immediately to ensure they have what this tiny baby needs over the next few weeks.

You are receiving this email because there is a blood drive scheduled Tuesday, Feb. 18 in the Tarlton Complex from 9 AM- 2:30 PM.

We need your help in spreading the word about the critical need and getting as many donors as possible to donate at your drive.  

ALL blood types are needed!

On behalf of the local hospitals, patients and their families, we thank you for your help in this urgent time of need.​

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