Criminal Justice Easter Egg Hunt at Sipe’s Orchard Home/Tyndall Child Care Center

Criminal Justice Club Easter Egg HuntCVCC’s Criminal Justice Club students put smiles on 51 five-year olds when they recently participated in Sipe’s Orchard Home/Tyndall Child Care Center Easter Egg Hunt for Pre-K students. This event was chosen as the clubs’ spring community service project. The club purchased 51 Easter baskets, candy, stuffed animals, various games, puzzles, materials for the school, and 600 Easter Eggs for the hunt.

The North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NCPK) classrooms in the Tyndall Child Care Center provide a specialized educational program for at-risk four-year-olds. These children receive extra help, support, and attention to ensure their readiness for kindergarten and success later in school.

The NCPK program is a statewide initiative which is funded through Smart Start. Sipe’s is the only private provider of NCPK classrooms in Catawba County. With bright and spacious classrooms, inviting playground, books, games, special activities, and the resources of Sipe’s rural campus, the NCPK teachers engage the children in a variety of educational experiences throughout the day. Children learn social, behavioral, academic, and problem solving skills whether they are gathering for a snack, riding tricycles, listening to a story, painting, or walking to the barn.

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