CVCC Honors 2014 Adult Secondary Credentials Graduates

CVCC Adult Secondary Education Certification 2014They leave high school for various reasons, but thousands of adults return to Catawba Valley Community College each year to complete a high school diploma.

Recently, the college honored more than 400 of its students who completed a high school diploma via the GED® test or Adult High School at CVCC in the past year.

For some, it took years to finish. Others, it took a few short months. The end result is the same: a high school diploma which opens doors to better job opportunities and for many, the pathway to college.

For more information about obtaining a high school diploma at CVCC, contact Tina Fredell at 828.327.7000, ext. 4353 or

Individuals who were recognized for completing a high school diploma by taking the GED test or completing Adult High School  at CVCC include (front from left) are Brooke Elaine Campbell of Hickory; Erica Burley of Hickory; Alma Bohorquez-Hernandez of West Jefferson; Francisca A. Blanco of Conover, Bethany Bivens of Newton, Tania Becerril-Osornio of Claremont, Katie Nicole Beckner of Taylorsville, Nayeli Chavez-Catalan of Hickory, Almeda D. Hays of Taylorsville, Jessica Shelton of Hickory, Ana Yesika Martinez Hernandez of Conover, (2nd row) Dana Christine Lewis of Newton, Primitivo Cornejo-Blas of Hiddenite, Angela Fowler Cook of Taylorsville, Yolanda Clemons of Conover, Mayra Susana Chavez-Peralta of Claremont, Maria de Lourdes Chavez-Peralta of Newton, Mary Bailey of Stony Point; Robert A. Carr of Icard, Carmen V. Byers of Hickory, Tiffany Boston of Vale, (3rd row) Jeron Ashley Gore of Hickory, Edith Gonzalez-Lopez of Newton, Wanda Faye Goble of Conover, William C. Gibbs of Lincolnton, Steven Franklin of Taylorsville, Consuelo Cespedes Flowers of Claremont, Agnes N. Dillingham of Hickory, Leslie England of Newton, Adam Elliott of Long View, Tania Cruz-Resendiz of Hickory, Shelby Maples of Maiden, (4th row) Lindsey Corvin of Newton, Melisa G. Rodriguez Molina of Morganton, Alyson Nicolle Lewis of Hudson, Crystal Renee Lee of Claremont, Percy Stephen Hunt of Hickory, Amanda B. Hoyle of Vale, Jose Luis Hinostroza of Conover, Steve Hackworth of Stony Point, Tracy Goddard of Lincolnton, Daniel Clay Griffin of Taylorsville, (5th row) Hailey Denise Polson of Denver, Renee Moose of Newton, Arturo Montoya-Reyes of Newton, Melissa Melton of Maiden, Carrie Meadlock of Taylorsville, Timothy Patterson Mast of Newton, Sonja Benita Mason of Claremont, Leticia Moscasa Martinez of Hickory, Rosa Maria Lemus Martinez of Conover, (6th row) Robert Eugene Polson of Denver, Edgar Santiago Pichardo of Claremont, Emmanuel Gonzalez Pelayo of Conover, James Gregory Parsons of Gamewell, Ashley D. Owens of Hildebran, Marcelino Ortega of Hickory, Rosaura Olvera  of Hickory, Nydia Torres Morales of Hiddenite, Pamela P. Moses of Taylorsville, Erika Yuricko Maldonado-Estrada of Hickory, (7th row) Tommy Southard of Hiddenite, Phillip E. Southard of Hiddenite, Maribel Soto-Tenorio of Hickory, Sherena H. Smith of Hickory, Dedra Y. Sharp of Hickory, Joann M. Sepulveda of Newton, Angie Rice of Hickory, Ana Ramirez of Hickory, Clifford Propst of Hickory, Heaven E. Potter of Hickory, Rolando Lemus Rodriguez of Hickory, (8th row) Leticia Adame Zavala of Hickory, Lee Marquis Wilson of Hickory, Chassity Kay Wade of Hickory, Caleb Scott Tolbert of Hildebran, Angela Michelle Testerman of Hickory, Faith Brianne Tesner of Taylorsville, Ofelia Tenjhay-Hernandez of Newton, Emily Jade Taylor of Maiden, Jamaica Shenae Stump of Hickory, (9th row) Kaylee Johnson of Conover, Steven Wolfe of Catawba, Moriah L. McLean of Newton, David Williams of Taylorsville, Adam Baker of Taylorsville, Ivan lackey of Taylorsville, Yolanda Lackey of Taylorsville, Anita Valentin-Sandoval of N. Wilkesboro, and Josue Ventura Cruz of Claremont.

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