CVCC Offers Winter Intersession Classes Beginning December 8

Great news! A Winter Session class opportunity is now available for Currently Enrolled and Visiting Students from other colleges or universities. Take one class for four weeks from December 8 – January 7!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to lighten up your college class load. With one class, you can earn up to 3 credit hours in just 4 weeks! Tuition is $72.00 per credit hour for North Carolina residents ($264.00 per credit hour for out of state residents) PLUS all applicable fees and textbook costs.

What is Winter Intersession?

It’s commonly known as “J-Term”, “January Term”, “Jan Term”, “Winter”, “Interim Term,” “Winter Intersession,” “Holiday Classes,” “MiniMester” or simply “In between Semesters Session”. Students may opt to enroll in an online intensive four week class offered between the fall and spring semesters. The Winter Intersession begins December 8, 2014 and ends January 7, 2015.

Students may be interested in CVCC’s Winter Intersession for many reasons:

* to get a jump start on the upcoming spring semester;

* to inch closer to graduation;

* to reduce heavy course loads in future semesters;

* to complete a required course in a program of study; or

* to save money.

Current CVCC Student – If you are already taking classes at CVCC in the Fall ’14… Students may register ONLINE through their My Services account between October 20 and December 3 or schedule an appointment with the Advising Center. The Advising Center is located on the lower level of the Student Services building.

New CVCC Student – If you are enrolled at another college/university and wish to be a visiting student…Visiting students who have never attended CVCC should follow these easy steps by WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2014.

Visit the CVCC Winter Intersession Web Page   for easy instructions on how to apply and register!


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