CVCC Potters’ Workshop Offers Classes Starting in January

Catawba Valley Community College Potters Workshop offers Classes beginning in January

There is nothing quite like pulling a newly crafted pottery piece out of a warm kiln. Create such an experience at the CVCC Potters’ Workshop; non-credit pottery classes begin in January, and run through March. No experience necessary, and the only requirements for students are a tool kit, purchased at the CVCC bookstore or local craft store, and a desire to create. All classes are $111.25, and include $70 registration fee, $40 supply fee and $1.25 insurance fee.

Hand Building I with Evelyn Arnold
Wednesdays, Jan. 14 – Mar. 4, 2015; 6-9 p.m.

This course is designed for students of all skill levels, and provides instruction on basic hand building techniques. Students will create a variety of functional forms such as mugs, bowls and platters without the use of the potters’ wheel. Topics include methods of pinch, coil and slab construction, applying glaze and introduction to loading and firing an electric kiln.

Pottery on the Wheel with Evelyn Arnold
Mondays, Jan. 12 – Mar. 9, 2015; 6-9 p.m.. No Class Jan. 19.

This class is designed for the beginner through intermediate level potter. In this course, students will become familiar with turning methods and materials used in creating basic forms with the potters’ wheel. Topics include clay preparation, turning techniques, and basic glaze application. Upon completion, students should be able to center, turn basic forms such as bowls and mugs, apply basic glazes and be familiar with loading and firing an electric kiln.

Functional Pottery II with Kim Ellington
Wednesdays, Jan. 14 – Mar. 4, 2015; 6 -9 p.m.

The second in a series, this class is for experienced students to focus on making pottery for everyday use in the home. Forms will include baking and serving dishes, cream and sugar sets, bowls, mugs and teapots. Students will use the potters’ wheel to learn production techniques for making sets, as well as develop their skill level and personal style. Upon completion, students will have advanced knowledge of using the potters’ wheel, various glazing and decorating techniques, along with loading and firing a pottery kiln.

Independent Study with Kim Ellington
Tuesdays, Jan. 13 – Mar. 3, 2015; 6 – 9 p.m.

This class offers students with prior experience on the potters’ wheel the opportunity to work on individual clay projects of their own choosing. The purpose of the class is to enable students to work at their own pace to develop skill level and personal style, while receiving guidance and instruction from a working, professional potter. Students will have full use of workshop facilities including glazes and kiln. Open Lab time outside of regular class hours is also available. Upon completion, students will have an advanced understanding of working on the potters’ wheel, glaze preparation and kiln firing.

Class space is limited. For more information and to register for classes, please visit, or call the Workshop at 828-327-7000 ext. 4032. To register for classes by phone, please contact Donna Davis at 828-327-7000 ext. 4319.

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