The Younger Faces of Hunger and Homelessness Panel Discussion

The Younger Faces of Hunger and HomelessnessHunger and homelessness are affecting more local people due to the economic recession and loss of jobs. Many people are facing foreclosure or having difficulty meeting their basic living expenses.

Join us today, Thurs., Nov. 20 from noon to 2 p.m. at CVCC’s Tarlton Area. The Hickory Soup Kitchen provide 100 bagged lunches. Admission is free.

This panel discussion will shed light on the problem of the younger faces of hunger and homelessness and provide information on how local persons, churches, businesses and other groups can help.

Agencies presenting are:

•  Sipes Orchard Home

•  Family Care Center

•  Salvation Army

•  Family Guidance Center / 1st Step Domestic Violence Services

•  Safe Harbor Rescue Mission

•  Catawba County DSS Back Pack Program

•  Public Schools

Contact Renee Neal, ext. 4408 or visit to learn how you can help.

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