CVCC Students Celebrate Community College Day at the General Assembly

Community College Day '15 JayAdams & Mitch SetzerCatawba Valley Community College students joined others from community colleges across North Carolina this week for a visit to the General Assembly to voice their support for raising instructor pay, funding community colleges for year-round instruction and maintaining affordable tuition rates.

“Being a community college student, it meant a lot for our representatives to take time out of their busy schedules to really listen to our concerns,” said Katelyn Lambert, president of CVCC’s Student Government Association. “We got to sit in on education committee meetings in the House and the Senate and the House general session.”

CVCC students also visited with Rep. Mitchell Setzer, Rep. Jay Adams, and Senator Andy Wells to share their concerns.

“We appreciate the work our legislators do, but these budget issues directly impact our students,” said CVCC President Garrett D. Hinshaw. “Most of our students would not be able to attend college of any kind were it not for the community college. While it’s my job to talk to our lawmakers, the voices of these students expressing their concerns about community college funding speaks volumes about what’s at stake.”

Members of N4CSGA, a student-led organization that represents all student government organizations within the North Carolina Community College System representatives, also presented a petition with more than 1,000 student signatures to the leadership of the General Assembly. This symbolizes the broad student support for the budget priorities related to tuition rates and instructor pay.

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