CVCC Staffer & Author Publishes 8th Book of Poetry

Tim Peeler at Henry River Image

Tim Peeler at Henry River

Tim Peeler, author and staff member at Catawba Valley Community college, recently published his eighth book of poems. Entitled “Henry River: An American Ruin,” the collection shares an empathy and reverence for those who lived and worked in Henry River, located in the southeastern corner of Burke County.

Built at the turn of the 20th Century, the village, as it is often called now, has been mostly deserted since the 1970s when soon after a change in ownership, the mill burned. A film company chose Henry River as the location for the first “Hunger Games” movie, and interest in the site subsequently sky rocketed.

The poems in “Henry River” reflect on the historical Henry River with some reference to the intrusive forces of the film industry. Some poems are based on stories that Henry River natives shared with him.

Winner of the Jim Harrison Award for contributions to baseball literature, Peeler has published eight books of poetry and four regional baseball histories. He was a finalist for the Casey Award (baseball book of the year) and the SIBA Award.

He and his wife Penny live in Hickory. He serves as the director of CVCC’s Learning Assistance Center.

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